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How Royal Jelly is Made and its Uses within a Beehive

Royal jelly sounds prestigious, stirring up curiosity, and for good reason. The name alone can draw you in, but what else makes it appealing? Well, for starters, it’s been reported to have antioxidant, anti-diabetic, antibacterial and wound-healing properties. Can humans eat royal jelly? You bet. Just like some of the top uses for honey, royal jelly is used […]

Benefits of Royal Honey For Men and Women

Royal Honey King Vip / Royal Honey Benefits About Us Royal Honey is a supplement and vitamins made from 100% natural ingredients, which is contains 100% pure honey, fortified with royal jelly, bee pollen and fine mixture of rain forest herbs. it contains several nutrients such as protein, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and digestive enzymes. […] Trust Seal Trust Seal