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According to studies conducted by Japanese scientists at the centre of “vitals” from the science of bio-food in the Japanese city of Yamaguchi, about 55% of men suffers from symptoms of erectile dysfunction in its different forms, whether elderly or young people. The classified study erectile dysfunction patients seperate into two categories. Buy secret miracle honey

First: The elderly

The elderly suffers from poor production of the hormone fertility “Altistseron”, damage of the nerves and cells from the result of aging and in addition to several diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol that leads to reduced sexual performance and therefore not being able to exercise their male activity normally.

Following are the references:

1 – Weakness in erection as a result of the pyramid cells, especially after the age of forty and above.

2 – Not feeling of sexual desire because of not having the ability to translate it to do a reality.

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